Climate Change at Joshua Tree National Park

joshua tree national park

When you think of climate change and what it’s doing to the wildlife, you most likely think of the melting ice caps and polar bears or the diminishing rainforests. While these are troubled areas, many other habitats and the plants and critters that live within them are also being affected around the world. One example…

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Resolve to Go Outdoors More This Year

go outdoors

It’s easy to want to snuggle underneath your blanket and read a good book while you know the air outside has a chill to it. It’s even easier to want to stay in the air conditioning when it gets hot out in the summer. But no matter the weather (unless it’s extreme), there’s always a…

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Losing US Public Lands

public lands

The year 2017 was not overly kind to our public lands in the United States. Due to plans put into action by the Trump administration and its Republican Congress, our public lands are slowly getting smaller and more costly to visit. Below, Ranger Mac will take a closer look at the actions taken in 2017…

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What is Phenology and Why is it Important?

what is phenology

For most of us, phenology is not a common household word, and you may be wondering what it means. Phenology is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate, plant, and animal life. It comes from the Greek word meaning “to appear,” and often includes the study of when species…

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