Visit the Most Underrated National Parks

underrated national parks

Thanks to social media, more attention is being paid to the US National Parks than ever before. Everyone has the ability to see the beautiful vistas and delightful wildlife from the comfort of their own homes due to the availability of high res images. These photos have also inspired more and more people to actually…

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The Negative Effects of Social Media on Nature

negative effects of social media

While it’s great to connect with friends and keep in touch with distant family members, there are definitely some negative effects of social media. One of those is how social media affects our interactions with nature. Ranger Mac will take a look at the impact social media has had on our parks and other natural…

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Why It’s Crucial for Governments to Address Environmental Issues

environmental issues

Our environment is so important. We only have one shot to protect it, cultivate it, and keep it safe for future generations. Because of human involvement, Earth’s ecosystems are changing at a daily rate, and it’s more important than ever to do all we can to protect the nature and its species around us. No…

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The Importance of Prairie Conservation

prairie conservation

All across the world, there are grasslands that stretch out as far as the eye can see. The grass blows softly in the wind, and you can faintly see the tops of wildflowers. This type of wildlife area often gets ignored when it comes to conservation, but the need to preserve it is becoming more…

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What Should Go in a Hiking First Aid Kit?

hiking first aid kit

When you prepare your backpack to head out hiking, no matter the difficulty of the trail, a hiking first aid kit is always a top priority. Some of the items in your kit may need to be replaced frequently, while others can just stay in there long-term in case of an emergency. The contents of…

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