Citizen Science for Girl Scouts

girl scouts

When it comes to Girl Scouts, there’s more behind those cookie booths than girls in their uniforms selling treats. That cookie money goes towards so many important experiences for young women, including first-hand science education and social responsibility. When you combine these two aspects together, you get Girl Scouts actively helping the world by becoming…

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Top 5 Citizen Science Projects that You Can Start This Spring!

citizen science projects

When was the last time that you just stopped to take in everything that’s going on around you in nature? The trees blooming, the animals coming out to enjoy the sun’s warmth, the wind blowing the scent of those spring flowers across the hiking path. As you get out to experience nature this spring, think…

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What is Soil? Knowing the Difference Between Soil and Dirt

difference between soil and dirt

As you prepare your garden or pot some plants for your home, have you considered the differences between soil and dirt? Often these two words are used interchangeably, but there are some differences in what many people mean when they use one or the other more specifically. The kind of earth you use in your…

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Is Climate Change Real?

Is Climate Change Real

Is Climate Change Real? There are a number of people who are skeptical of the climate change discussion. According to a report released by Public Religion Research Institute, that number includes more than one quarter of Americans. So how can these deniers not believe it is a real problem when 97% of scientists say that…

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What is Phenology and Why is it Important?

what is phenology

For most of us, phenology is not a common household word, and you may be wondering what it means. Phenology is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate, plant, and animal life. It comes from the Greek word meaning “to appear,” and often includes the study of when species…

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What is Citizen Based Science?

citizen based science

Citizen based science. What is it, and why is it becoming more important? Wikipedia defines citizen science as, “scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by amateur (or nonprofessional) scientists.” Citizen science is described as “public participation in scientific research,” including both monitoring and research. This is also known as public participation in scientific research,…

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Why the March for Science Matters for Michigan

march for science

April 22, Earth Day Since 1970, people all over the world have celebrated Earth Day on April 22 each year. Its purpose is to spread awareness of environmentalism and ways to keep our Earth healthy. In 2017, March for Science chose April 22 for their worldwide event. Held in over 600 cities around the world, the…

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