Trophy Hunting – Are there Pros to go with the Cons?

Trophy Hunting

Trophy Hunting: Are There Pros to the Cons? In a world where big game hunting for the pure trophy of it is gaining in popularity, are there any positive ways to look at it? Some say that trophy hunting is helping in efforts as far as conservation. But this claim proves to be hard to…

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Is Climate Change Real?

Is Climate Change Real

Is Climate Change Real? There are a number of people who are skeptical of the climate change discussion. According to a report released by Public Religion Research Institute, that number includes more than one quarter of Americans. So how can these deniers not believe it is a real problem when 97% of scientists say that…

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The Basics of Reading a Map

reading a map

With GPSs and turn-by-turn directions literally at our fingertips, the art of reading and understanding a map is quickly becoming a thing of the past. However, there are certain situations where knowing how to read a map could be your only way out. When you’re out backpacking or taking a hike through your local forest…

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