National Park Spotlight – Michigan Parks

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When you think of National Parks, some of the more popular ones probably come to mind, such as the Grand Canyon, the Badlands, and Yosemite. These are beautiful areas for sure, but if you want to go find a park that’s more secluded and comes complete with wondrous waterways and striking cliffs, then you should take a trip to the North. Michigan is home to not one, but five National Parks. These parks are full of beauty, unique vistas, and adventure. To get to one of them in particular, you’ll require a boat! Let’s dive in and take a look at what these five Michigan parks have to offer, and you just may find yourself planning your next adventure up by the Great Lakes!

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

This National Park sits on the southern tip of Lake Superior in Munising, Michigan, and has everything you could want from a nature retreat in one location. There are beautiful cliffs, beaches, sand dunes, waterfalls, and a shoreline that makes Lake Superior feel like an ocean coast. This park is home to several diverse ecosystems and offers something for every type of adventurer.

There are many hiking trails that are good for beginners as well as expert backpackers. Along with easily accessible campsites, there are also backcountry camps. If water sports are your thing, you can kayak or canoe the lake right up to the towering sandstone cliffs.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

This area is located in Empire, Michigan and is the most popular National Park in the state. Taking in the sight of the bluffs that tower over Lake Michigan at 450 feet, you can easily see why. With miles of sandy beaches and lush forests, this park offers a place of peace and adventure. From venturing into the water and hiking the winding trails to taking scenic drives with beautiful overlooks, you can camp out and go on a new adventure every day of your stay.

If you really want to explore, sign up to go visit the Manitou Islands that sit inside this National Park. From shipwrecks to remote island camping, visiting North and South Manitou Island is full of fun for the entire family!

Isle Royale National Park

This National Park is located in Houghton, Michigan. It was founded in 1940 and is comprised of a main island along with the 400-island archipelago that surrounds it. Getting here is the beginning of the adventure at this park. Sitting 55 miles out in the middle of Lake Superior, this remote park is one of the least visited, due to how long it takes to get there. There are ferries that will take you to the island, and once you’re there, you will be amazed at what it has to offer.

You can backpack, hike, canoe, and even scuba dive at this island National Park. There are several lodging options available, so you don’t have to rush back to the ferry. Aside from offering solitude and adventure, the park works hard to keep its endangered animal populations thriving at this location. While it takes a bit of a trip to get out to this park, it’s definitely worth the effort.

River Raisin National Battlefield Park

This National Park is perfect for history lovers and adventurers alike. Located in Monroe, Michigan, it’s the newest National Park in the state, having been established in 2010. This 81-acre park commemorates the battles that took place in January of 1813 during the War of 1812. This battle resulted in the greatest victory for the Tecumseh's American Indian Confederation along with the greatest defeat for the US.

At this park, you can watch recreated battle scenes and learn all about the history of this land and those who fought for it. It also offers plenty of options for hiking and boating.

Keweenaw National Historical Park

This National Park is located in Calumet, Michigan. It’s home to 1700 acres of land and 21 heritage sites. Copper mining has been going on in this peninsula for more than 7000 years, and because of its rich history, many fought to preserve it as a National Park in 1992.

You can explore this park by taking tours of the old mining towns, learning about the history of copper mining, as well as going on hikes to beautiful scenic overlooks and exploring some of the old archives. This is another adventure that speaks to the history buff and adventurer alike!

[bctt tweet="There is so much to see and experience when you visit the many wonderful Michigan parks, including beautiful waterways, towering cliffs, scenic hikes, intriguing historic sites, and much more."]

There is so much to see and experience when you visit the many wonderful Michigan parks, including beautiful waterways, towering cliffs, scenic hikes, intriguing historic sites, and much more. Looking at these parks, it’s easy to see what people mean when they say ‘Pure Michigan.’ Start planning your Michigan adventure now and see what the National Parks have to offer in the Great North!